09/24/2010 New plug-in USB IrDA

01/28/2009 Added the new data base for the full verion of RCExplorer

02/11/2008 New plug-in for GotView TV tuners

01/02/2008 How to use the sound mixer in Windows Vista

06/08/2005 New RCExplorer 2.0, easier, supports all protocols

05/12/2005 New plug-in for Conexant cx2388x chip based TV tuners (Prolink PixelView Pro TV Ultra, etc.)

02/19/2005 Update installation package, include new plug-ins, btRemote support BtWinCap driver, OSD can be disabled from plug-in setup or by script.

02/17/2005 New plug-in for Philips SAA713x chip based TV tuners (AverTV 307, LifeView TV Prime 34FM, etc.)

01/25/2005 Beholder has released an official plug-in for tuners Behold TV

10/20/2004 New plug-in for MSI Mega Series

10/28/2004 New plug-in for IgorPlug USB (AVR)

10/17/2004 New plug-in for support Microsoft eHome Remote Control

10/01/2004 New site design. Look updates in Download, Coming soon SlyControl 3...
SlyControl is the powerful Windows automation tool.

SlyControl lets you remotely control your computer using infrared remote control console from a TV cards package, or through any other devices, for example multimedia keyboard, joystick.

SlyControl allow to run and remotely control any Windows applications, like a CDPlayer, WinAmp, TV, Radio & DVD players. You can also remotely run screen saver, log off, reboot or shutdown system by the timer or on other event.

SlyControl can simulate keys pressing, mouse movement and click control. Among many useful functions are: messages sending, volume control, windows monitoring and management, OSD, OnScreenMenu, TextToSpeech and many other. As against the scheduler, SlyControl may not only simple start the program on time but also execute with it any actions.

Usually remote control software are used for control Winamp or Media Player. But their abilities are limited to it. SlyControl can much more. SlyControl uses a events / actions / hardware access plug-ins and built-in script language.

It allows to create very flexible configurations. It is possible to use SlyControl for automation of any same actions, for example to fill a database (using emulation of the keyboard) or to answer periodic inquiries of other programs making a choice with the set algorithm. A real situation - it was necessary to remove some thousand conflicts in a database between SQL servers. SlyControl spent 0.7 seconds for one choice. To make it manually some days would be required. Thus the person on the same actions starts to be mistaken in 5 minutes. SlyControl at correct configuration is not mistaken.

SlyControl supports many infra-red receivers, tuners and other devices where IR remote control are used. Anybody precisely did not compare, but so much devices are not supported with any other software.

If you are familiar in programming, you may create your own plugin for special hardware or your favorite application not included in the package. See SDK for detailed development informations.
RCExplorer - this program is result of generalization of an operational experience with different infra-red remote controls.

It can be useful:

  • To developers of a software or hardware working with IR remote control.
  • To sellers of IR remote control units for selection similar / compatible units.
  • For those who wants to know all about IR remote control...
The program allows:
  • Receive a signal from IR remote control using sound card, COM port or IgorPlug-USB.
  • Aanalyze in details a signal (modulation, time characteristics, features of coding, repeat codes and so forth)
  • Display graphically a signal in real time and using data from base
  • Search the similar remote control unit in a database
  • Transmite a remote control command from data base using COM port
SlyControl 3

- Microsoft Windows XP or later
- Microsoft .NET Framework

There will be 2 modules:
- SlyRC HID driver which will emulate  Microsoft eHome Remote Control
- SlyControl Core for Windows Automation.

Microsoft eHome Remote Control is destributed with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center.. Media Center Applications can receive the remote control commands without additional programs and drivers using RAW Input Windows XP technolgy. SlyRC HID driver will support different remote control hardware and software remote control servers and will convert all commands to Microsoft Remote Control standard. SlyRC driver will have own OnScreen Menu for switching layouts, input text as on cellular telephones and so forth.

SlyControl 3 Core will receive commands from the keyboard, mouse, remote control and any others HID devices.
SlyControl 3 Core will support VBasic and C# scripts. But there will be also a simple adjustment interface for novice users. For adding support of new applications there will be easily installed Application Support Packages, including necessary scripts, plug-ins, screen menus and so forth. It will be possible to choose what application it is necessary to control now.

SlyControl 3 will be installed as NT service.

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